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By Susan Kerschion


Harvest Day


Susan Kerschion

Miss B's class at Mosaic

On Wednesday, May 3, Kellee Brandenburg's class at Mosiac Academy in Aztec harvested the vegetables they had planted earlier in the year. The vegetables were grown in frames that were built last year by several different students. All in all the gardening program was a group school effort. These students call themselves Mosaic University (MU). The teacher, also known as Miss B, teaches K-5. This is her first year at the school and she has garnered the reputation as the gardening / science fair expert. The students in her class got to pick from different activities and this group picked gardening.

Susan Kerschion

Harvesting the produce

The class that was harvesting included students of all ages, from 3rd grade up to 8th. They planted butter lettuce, arugula, radishes, spinach and beets, and they got to enjoy the fruits of their labor, fresh grown salads for lunch!

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