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By Bob Perls
NM Open Primaries 



Our politics is broken: hyper-partisanship runs rampant. Americans have never been more frustrated with government and the two-party system that dominates it. We have two warring factions: the insider Democrats and the insider Republicans — both of which are filled with partisans that generally care more about winning the next election than governing.

The political litmus test of the day is no longer a left-vs.-right continuum, but revolution versus status quo. Where is the elected official/candidate on the spectrum from feeling the current political system is broken vs. feeling that it works fine, but simply needs different players elected to office (more of “us” and less of “them”)?

What is the root cause of our gridlock? Our state and federal government won’t improve until the way we select, district and finance candidates changes. To that end, New Mexico Open Primaries Board members and volunteers have been working hard over the last two years to educate political leaders and voters about the need for important “process” reform.

Twenty-five states have open primaries. All of them are doing better than New Mexico. There is a direct connection between open primaries and the passage of other government improvement legislation and the state of states’ economies.

But guess what? None of these states got their open primaries bills or their independent redistricting commission bills through the legislatures. They all had ways to by-pass their legislatures. We do not. There is really something wrong when 90 percent of the public supports an independent ethics commission and 70 percent supports open primaries, but the Legislature won’t do the right thing and pass such legislation.

It is truly time for a revolution. It is time for we the people to re-establish our government of the people, by the people and for the people!

NOTE: Bob Perls is the founder of New Mexico Open Primaries and a former New Mexico state representative. Bob is speaking about open primaries in Aztec, Friday, May 5th, at the Step Back Inn, 6 pm. The event is open to the public and free to attend.


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