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By J.R. Sykes


New AHS Newspaper coming


The Aztec High School English Department is working collaboratively with J. R. Sykes, Publisher and Editor of the TALON, to produce an Aztec High School newspaper beginning in the fall of next year. A journalism class is being offered wherein students will be responsible for producing the paper. This will include learning about collecting and editing viable articles, design, production, distribution, and ad sales. This may include an internship opportunity at TALON in the senior year for those interested. If you would be interested in sponsoring this project, or have general questions please contact Irene Barry, AHS English department – [email protected] or 970-903-9285; or J.R. Sykes, TALON http://www.aztecnews.com or 505-334-1039.

Aztec High School students speak out about the need for a school newspaper

An AHS newspaper will help students and our community get a better understanding of what’s new and coming up with AHS. This will also give students the ability to write what they want and what they think is newsworthy and explore possible careers as a journalist. - Carson Collins

In the past the outside world has been disconnected to the activities here at AHS. This will increase the amount of people who attend school events. This newspaper will increase school spirit. More events will be displayed where students can know when activities are so they can attend. I truly believe that our school newspaper will be spectacular. - Hailey Chapman

This seems like a good addition to the school because it keeps the school informed, allows a group of kids to practice their writing, and it brings the community together for a common purpose. This will bring students closer to the community and allow the journalism kids to get actual practice in the field. - Hope Cervantes

I think that a student newspaper would increase involvement and overall knowledge of the student body. The information the populous would read could also lead to a greater involvement in school and board activities. Overall, I do think that a school newspaper would be a great addition to our campus at AHS. - Zane Chapman

Having a school newspaper would keep students more informed concerning changes in the school, schedule, holidays, etc. It would show how our students are proud of our school if there are frequent stories about some of the great things our school does. It would be good for everyone. - Darian Valdez

It would be a positive outlet for students to write about problems and how they can change. It would help keep the students involved with the school and where to go for after school events. - Jasmin King

If we have a school newspaper the parents will know more about events and fundraisers around school. A school newspaper will give insights into what different clubs are doing or planning events, teacher news, and announcements. - Nathania Canuto

For my generation connection is very important. The newspaper is a key way for students to keep contact with what they like. - Alexis Acrey

A school newspaper will give the community some insight as to what goes on at Aztec High and also when specific events will take place. AHS will have more support and recognition in the community. - Hailey Funk


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