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Natural Helpers, part 1


Kathy Sansing

Koogler Middle School's Natural Helpers meet every Friday morning. The students have come up with two major activities for our school. The first is called Hustle Kindness. Anybody at Koogler can nominate a student or staff member for a Hustle Kindness Award. Every week students choose winners who have done something kind, generous or helpful for someone on campus. The second activity is our Positive Quote of the Day. Natural Helpers pick a positive quote to announce after the pledge. The purpose of the quote is to encourage students and staff to think positive thoughts and motivate them to work hard and reach for their goals.

The Natural Helpers Program is a peer helping program based on the idea that within every school there is an informal "helping network" that already exists. Students with problems naturally seek out other students, and adults, whom they trust. This program taps into and uses this helping network to disseminate as much correct information as possible to all students. It provides training to students and adults who are already serving as helpers, giving them skills to help others more effectively.

Natural Helpers have been through several trainings. Two of our students attended a training in Albuquerque on building relationships. Natural Helpers are not left to deal with stressful situations on their own. They bring any situations they have dealt with to our meetings so we can discuss them and follow-up with students dealing with difficult situations. Natural Helpers are trained to go to an adult if any student talks about harming themselves or harming someone else. We take all situations very seriously and confidentiality is a priority.

Shaylee Wooley

By: Shaylee Wooley C.V. Koogler Middle School 7th Grader

I first got into the Natural Helpers group by everyone taking a survey at the beginning of the year. The paper asked who do you trust most and if your name was put on the paper by a lot of students Mrs. Sansing asked if you wanted to be a Natural Helper. I said YES! The first thing we did was get to know the other Natural Helpers and get to know what we are doing. We played games with each other and talked about what we would do in a situation. Now that we know each other we do daily quotes, where we go in the announcements in the morning and say an inspiring quote, We meet on Fridays and talk about who is going to get nominated for our Hustle Kindness awards and when they get prizes.


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