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Visitors across the country and around the world are drawn to the America’s two more well-known World Heritage Sites. Chaco Canyon, in north-central New Mexico, and Cahokia, across the Mississippi River from St Louis, were principal centers of their respective regions. Both served as central powers and their cultures were almost exactly parallel, rising and falling at the same times with cultural climaxes of AD 1050 – 1150.  Both were located nearly equal distance to the flourishing cultures in Mexico. A lot can be learned by comparing and contrasting these two remarkable sites – and by considering a third player, MesoAmerica which at that time was in the Early Postclassic with great capitals like Tula and Chichen Itza.

Dr. Stephen Lekson will discuss the research and theories about the probable connections between Chaco and Cahokia. Dr. Lekson is prominent throughout the archeological and academic world for his innovative and thought-provoking research in the U.S. Southwest. He has predominantly conducted fieldwork in Ancestral Pueblo and Mogollon regions. He has also investigated areas including the Hohokam, Casas Grandes, Jornada, and Rio Grande areas. Lekson is the author of numerous publications and books; most well-known include The Chaco Meridian: Centers of Political Power in the Ancient Southwest and A History of the Ancient Southwest. 

The lecture takes place on Friday, May 12, at 7:00 pm in Aztec Ruins Visitor Center and admission is free. For more information, call 505.334.6174.

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