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By Debbie Israel


At Lydia Rippey


April 28, 2017

Debbie Israel

City electric guys help by dropping eggs from bucket trucks

The second graders at Lydia Rippey Elementary in Aztec recently held an "egg drop" competition. Each student was tasked with packaging a raw egg in hope that it would not break when dropped from the city's bucket truck. Employees from the City of Aztec's electric department, Greg Mizell, David Sparks, Israel Sylva and Sam Hanson, came with their trucks and dropped the eggs from about 35 feet in the air, class by class, as all the children watched.

Debbie Israel

City electric guys help by dropping eggs from bucket trucks

Eggs were packed in popcorn, tissue paper, Styrofoam, marshmallows, shredded paper, spray foam insulation, balloons, and even in a heavy duty pelican case. One egg splattered when it hit, making all the little people scream ... couldn't tell if that scream was delight or terror?! Some of the second graders in Mrs. Shepppard's class explained how they prepared their egg. Layla, said she packed her egg in a "little box with cotton balls." Unfortunately, it broke when it hit the ground. Another, Trystan packed his with marshmallows inside a plastic peanut butter jar, and then put the jar inside a big box with shredded paper. That egg came out unscathed! Dallilah and Alexia wrapped their eggs in cotton and a baggie; that didn't work so well. Riley said his mom helped him wrap his in paper mache and duct tape - and it broke.

The prize for winning the competition between the classes was an egg hunt later in the day. Ms. Bordbari's class won with 69% of their eggs unbroken. The other classes ranged from 32% to 53% unbroken.


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