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By Debbie Israel


April 25


April 28, 2017

When Aztec City Commissioners met on April 25, they officially accepted the resignation of Sheri Rogers. Rogers has retired from San Juan County, and because of a little known rule pertaining to PERA, has to resign her elected position with the city. “No one knew about this regulation when Sheri was elected,” Mayor Sally Burbridge said. “Now we know that, had she opted out of PERA within the first two years of becoming a commissioner, she would be able to keep her seat.” PERA is the Public Employees Retirement Association of NM and is similar to a 401k, according to the PERA website. Because Rogers is retiring from San Juan County, she will be able to draw from her PERA account, and the rules are that she can’t be drawing from it and paying back into it at the same time.

Commissioners discussed options to fill the empty seat created and decided to conduct interviews and appoint a replacement. The other option would be to hold a special election. After letters of interest are reviewed by commissioners, public interviews will be held. Any member of the public will be able to attend the interviews, but no public input will be allowed. Those applying must be a resident living in the city limits of Aztec, must be a registered voter.

At the May 9 Commission meeting, a time line will be set, and the clerk will begin accepting letters of interest and resumes’. The person appointed will fill the seat for the remainder of Rogers’ term, which will be up in March.

After the meeting, Rogers said after May 1, she will officially be a retired member of PERA, and will become eligible to be elected or appointed again. She plans to send in her letter of interest and resume’ for the position. She will be required to opt out of PERA if she is appointed back to her position.


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