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By Bob Carman
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Know the Rules


April 21, 2017

With warmer weather here garage sale season is in full swing. At this time we would like to remind you of the rules and regulations regarding garage sales and garage sale signs.

Any person proposing to carry on a garage sale shall be subject to following these rules and regulations. All sale items should be limited to used domestic items owned by the person holding the garage sale; you are not allowed to take in consignment items. No more than two (2) sales shall be held at the same residence by the same family in any year. All sales should be conducted between the hours of 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM and the sale should not exceed three (3) consecutive days.

The rules for garage sale signs are simple but important. Each year we throw away many garage sale signs because they are placed illegally. Know the rules to avoid wasting your efforts on a sign that nobody gets to see. Any garage/yard sale sign does need a permit. This permit is FREE from the Community Development Office at City Hall. Temporary off-premises signs used to direct traffic for the purpose of a garage sale are allowed, if they meet the necessary requirements. These signs must contain the contact information for the garage sale including a phone number. You are limited to four (4) signs that should not exceed (3) square feet in area or (30) inches in height. The signs should be displayed for no more than (3) consecutive days and removed when the event is completed. No sign should be attached to any tree, fence, utility poles, light posts, street signs, or any public facility, or blocking any sidewalk, or in the median, or anywhere that may result in a traffic hazard. Failure to meet these requirements will result in disposal of the sign, or a possible Code Compliance Violation.

If you have questions about these or any other Code Compliance issues please contact Bob Carman in the Code Compliance Office at City Hall or call 334-7697 or e-mail [email protected] Good luck with your sale!


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