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Nominate a Sorehead!


April 21, 2017

Proud past Soreheads Ed Cooper, Emory Minium, Brenda Vandegrift, Vicki Robinson, Harley Sills and Bob Weaver

Rumor has it in the late 1960's a local banker was taking a stroll through a small town when he saw a sign advertising their "six old soreheads." Thinking this would be a good, humorous way to bring our city together, keeping the small town feel, as well as bringing light to citizens outside of oil and gas industry, the idea was brought back to Aztec where it has stuck for the past 50 years. Aztec has gone without the reign of Soreheads in some years, occasionally no one was nominated or elected to fill the space of Sorehead, in other years we had as little as four or as many as eight. However, tradition has it as six.

The original Soreheads were crowned in 1969, brown paper bags anointed their heads as they were paraded through Aztec. There are no records or findable photos of the original Soreheads, however they are immortal through the legacy they have left.

In the 90's signs were put up around Aztec, proudly proclaiming our six Old Soreheads, and then they were removed. The reign of the 2010 soreheads saw the signs put back up. These signs are the ones that can be seen North of Aztec and at the Aztec Visitor Center. Visitors can even fill the spot of Sorehead for a day! The Visitor Center had the two middle faces cut out for travelers to fill the place of an ol' Sorehead.

These current signs were designed by Aztec High School, Class of 2010 Kelsie Barnes Gifford. Originally nine faces were drawn, they were voted on at the 2010 Aztec Fiesta Days. The sign panel, color and layout was done by Edward Kotyk.

The reign of future Soreheads should see the addition of a third sign on the west end of Aztec, this way the soreheads will be able to welcome visitors coming from all directions.

Welcome to Aztec

In order to become known as an Old Sorehead, one must first be nominated through the TALON. Send in your nominations soon for the next election! So far, our nominees include Colby King, Mike Henderson, Mike Paschall, Kate Skinner and Kim Garcia Bixler. We need more competition! Qualifications include: living in the Aztec community, being an active community member and having a sense of humor! The nominees are given jars to place around town in locations of their choice. Penny votes from citizens are collected over a period of time. The votes are calculated and new Soreheads are announced, usually in September. Those that raise the most votes will be elected as the next Soreheads! The funds collected from votes are then donated to organizations throughout Aztec. In the past some of the funds have gone to organizations such as Sarah's House, the Aztec Boys & Girls Club, the Aztec Animal Shelter, Aztec Girl Scouts, Angel's Garden, Aztec VFW, Aztec Library, Aztec Cub Scouts, and Mosaic Academy.

After becoming a Sorehead there are a set of very specific and strict rules that each Sorehead must abide by; 1. People expect frown and sour behavior from Soreheads. Fool them with genuine smiles and good humor. 2. Speak to everyone. Wear a button or tee shirt displaying your Sorehead status. 3. Be available for local functions- with or without a paper sack over your head. 4. Use the knowledge of emeritus Soreheads, they love to give advice. 5. Agree among a cause to support financially. 6. Remember with pride that you are a part of a unique and elite group. 7. Enjoy your year as a Sorehead!

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