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April 14, 2017

Tweeti Blancett, Board Member and Treasurer of New Mexico Open Primaries (NMMOP), announced that the Founder of NMOP, Bob Perls, will be at the Step Back Inn in Aztec to speak to the public about the structural political reform agenda of their group. The meeting will be held on May 5, at 6 pm. Bob will speak and answer questions. The hope is to gather a core group of people who will help advocate in the Four Corners for open primaries and other political reforms in the next legislative session. He will also talk about running for office as an independent and why you should consider it in 2018.

Bob is a former state representative, serial health care entrepreneur, former Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State and Founder of New Mexico Open Primaries. The group is focused on many reforms all of which are designed to create more competitive elections with an election system that rewards coalition building and problem solving. They moved open primaries legislation in NM further than any other state in the 2017 legislative session. All 25 states that have open primaries have a way to by-pass the legislature, but New Mexico does not. They are advocating for open primaries, ranked choice voting, fair ballot access for independent candidates, non-partisan redistricting commissions and public financing of most campaigns. All of these will increase voter activation and improve the efficacy of the legislature to move New Mexico forward.

“We want to build a Four Corners Chapter, so that we have a group of activists we can count on to work with local state legislators. Come to learn and discuss why government does not work, but how we can make it much more responsive and accountable by changing the way we elect, district and finance candidates,” Perls said.


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