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New furnishings for Station #1


April 14, 2017

Debbie Israel

McClure trying out one of the new couches

One of the first fire departments recorded was Union Fire Company, formed December 7, 1736 in Philadelphia. Since then, fire departments have formed all across the entire United States, including Aztec.

Aztec Fire Department's main station, located at 201 W. Chaco St., is there to respond to emergencies throughout our city and be there for citizens.

Katie McClure is an Aztec resident and has served as a City Commissioner for the last three years. After visiting the fire station, McClure noticed the serious need for a makeover, so she set out to do just that. In February, McClure set up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for new furniture and a new 60 inch television to put in the departments' meeting/training room. "One of the couches in the room was at least 40 years old," Katee said. GoFundMe is a website where anyone can donate money for any cause. McClure set a modest goal of $4,000, and as people shared the site, the page was a hit and reached its goal. A local television station found out about the efforts and covered the story, thus, resulting in many more donations. Sam's Club in Farmington donated a television! In addition to this, someone from out-of-state bought another television from Best Buy and had it delivered to the station. Both televisions will help the firefighters with meetings, trainings, calls, etc.

The next issue was furniture. The local Ashley Furniture Home Store stepped up, also as a result of the television broadcast, and donated! On Friday, March 24, all the new furniture was delivered. The televisions are hung and the room has take on a very new look!

Talking with McClure, she emphasized how she wanted to do this for the station, "not as a commissioner, but as a citizen." The final count of everything donated, including the electronics, furniture and money from people residing in and out of the community, came to $12,181. The money that hasn't been used from the GoFundMe account will go toward redoing the floors and fitting the windows with blinds, which, McClure said wasn't even a thought until the new furniture was in the room. McClure and the Fire Department are "So, so thankful for our community and others whom have donated."

Debbie Israel

ashley employees Putting the new conference table together

In addition to the makeover of the Aztec Fire Department, on April 21 from 5:00-8:00 pm, Crash Music will be hosting the Fire Fighters for a meet-and-greet for the community. A local band, Sandstoners, will be preforming and there will be refreshments and activities for all ages. The entire meet-and-greet is free and the whole purpose is to get citizens of the community out to meet the brave men and women who are there for us when emergencies happen. All of the individuals that serve at the Aztec Fire Department are volunteers, "All that deserve better," says McClure. Although the Aztec Fire Department never reached out and asked for this, McClure wanted to do this for them because she "doesn't think we pay much attention to them until we find ourselves calling 911 for emergencies."


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