By Debbie Israel


April 11 Meeting


April 14, 2017

When Aztec City Commissioners met for their regular meeting on April 11, they were presented with their FY16 Annual Financial Report, which was released by the State Auditor’s Office on Feb. 9. Garner from Axiom CPA, told commissioners that if their audit were graded like school work, the City of Aztec would have gotten an “A.” He explained that Aztec’s records are all in good shape, and the number of adjustments that need to be made are in the “normal” range. He said one finding from last year had been resolved, and there was only one finding this year which will just take a journal entry to fix. That finding identified an un-allowable use of utility revenue. A transfer was made from the Joint Utility Fund to the Golf Course fund, when the transfer should have been made to the General Fund, and then to the golf course.

Commissioners Sheri Rogers asked Garner, “If there had been any problems found at the State Auditor’s office, that information would have been found in this report?” Garner answered by saying that any information of that sort would have been included in the audit report, but there was none.

City Manager Josh Ray said, “Our employees have to be recognized because we find ways to make government work. We want to make sure our city is still here when we are all gone.” He said the end-of-year general fund actually had money put back into it this year due to the hard work of all departments, even though everyone was operating on a much smaller budget than in years past.

Other business included 4-0 votes to approve the final adoptions of three ordinances: one amending the golf course fees; the second approving HUB Incubator fees; and the third amending some governance policies.

One citizen spoke during the citizen input portion of the meeting. Diana Mesch told commissioners that she is very concerned about the proposed utility rate increases. You can read more of her comments in the Op-Ed section of this paper.

Later in the meeting, Mayor Sally Burbridge said she wanted to remind everyone that these are still “proposed” rates, nothing has been voted on or approved. Commissioners Sherri Sipe also echoed that sentiment when she said “There’s still a lot of discussion going on.”

Commissioners also heard the annual report from the San Juan Historical Society. Zang Wood presented the report, thanked the city for all their help. He said he has retired as president of the society and introduced his replacement, Andrea Greenacre.


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