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Playmakers first musical


April 14, 2017

Jasmine Lewis

Seymour and Audrey, played by Charlie Morrison and Bryn Divine

Thursday, April 6th, the lights dimmed the singing started, the three muses of Aztec High School opened the show, Little Shop of Horrors.

Seymour, played by Charlie Morrison a senior at Aztec High School, came alive as a nerdy, orphaned, florist, abandoned, but taken in by the slightly cruel Mushnik, played by Riley Merritt. Seymour, along with Audrey, works at the flower shop owned by Mushnick. Audrey is played by Bryn Divine. Seymour discovers a new and unusual plant he names Audrey2, in honor of his love interest and co-worker Audrey. In attempts to keep Audrey2 flourishing and bringing in new customers, Seymour begins feeding it blood - and humans. He starts by giving it his own blood and then escalates to Audrey's abusive boyfriend, Mushnick, Audrey and himself. Throughout the play, comic relief and beautiful vocals are provided by Aztec High Schools three muses, Iree Herren, Jasmine Lewis and Fayelicia Urias, playing Chiffon, Crystal and Ronnette.

Although a play with a very dark theme and black humor, Aztec High School Play Makers really brought it to life, giving justice to the classic, with a moving set, creative lighting and live music.

For the two lead roles, this was their first time performing or even participating in theatre. Charlie Morrison, "Seymour," plans to pursue an acting career at NMSU. Charlie tried out for the part because "Mr. Kirkland asked me to because he thought I fit the part." Although Charlie is more into athletics, doing track, basketball and football, he did an excellent job capturing the character of shy, nerdy Seymour. His challenges were practice conflicts between the play and basketball. Charlie said,"The best part for me was being able to show my vocal range, impromptu comedic, and dance skills, as well as my acting ability."

Bryn Divine, "Audrey," was also a first timer to acting. Bryn never had the intention of being in the play, but the auditions were open and she decided to give it a try. "I just had the intention of trying for the lead, and that's the way it worked out! It was a very exciting thing to get the lead, not having done a musical or play before." Bryn did a great job capturing the accent and character of Audrey, "She is a young woman who has grown up on Skid Row (the slums) and is the product of an unhealthy home." Throughout the play Audrey stays in an unhealthy relationship until her man meets his demise in the mouth of Audrey2. At this point Audrey gets into a relationship with Seymour. Bryn's character ultimately dies at the end of the play by giving her life to the plant so that she will always be with Seymour in some way, even if it's through the plant. Bryn admits, "She's kind of a ditzy character but she's never been exposed to much outside her home life. She's a very pure person at heart however and I think that's what makes her special."

Although this was Aztec High School Playmakers first musical, they did an excellent job with vocals, set and sound effects. The Little Shop of Horrors was also the last play for the Playmakers this year.

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