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By Debbie Israel


Aztec has an airport?


Debbie Israel

Reconstruction on the Aztec Airport "apron" area started on March 27, and will be completed by the first week in May. The contractor is Old Castle SW Group.

The project consists of replacing approximately 6340 square yards of pavement located off the runway, near the pilot's lounge and fueling station. Some of the taxiway from the runway to the fueling station and lounge is also be replaced to bring the airport up to FAA guidelines. Eight tie-downs will be added during the reconstruction.

Debbie Israel

Because the construction is going on in front of the fueling station, an alternate access area has been created beside the fuel tank.

Most of the funding for the airport project, 90%, was provided by FAA; with 5% from NM Aviation and 5% from the City of Aztec.

At the west end of the runways, construction is also on-going in preparation for the Wings and Wheels show that is scheduled for May. A drag strip is in the works! Troy Bible said the Porta- tree track system has been ordered and the concrete launch is still planned. While the airport project is funded by the city, Wings and Wheels is privately funded and is looking for both sponsors as well as volunteers. This event drew a record crowd the first year, and is planning for twice the crowd this year. Contact Troy Bible or TALON for sponsor info.


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