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Yearly, the Rocky Mountain District Key Club Convention is held in Denver, Colorado. Here, eighteen divisions meet for a little more than two days. Students who attend get the chance to meet other Key Clubbers from four states; Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, and Nebraska. Key Club is an organization founded in 1925, in Sacramento, California. Since then, it has spread like fire to thirty countries, having over 250,000 students involved! Key Club is now the oldest and largest student led organization in the world. If one is not in high school, there are still ways to become part of the K-family. Builders Club is an organization that is led in middle schools around the world. There, the students more into high school and can join Key Club. Next is Circle K, found in many colleges. Finally, the last organization is Kiwanis, for adults that have the heart to serve their community. In Kiwanis, Aktion Club is a group made for disabled adults who want to learn skills on how to better interact and service wherever they reside.

Back to Convention ... students who go have the experience of a life time, often meeting new friends who they stay in contact with long after high school. Students also learn valuable skills such as maturity and responsibility. The convention is formal and business-like, no ripped jeans or sneakers. Students have to know differences such as business professional and business casual. Also, responsibility is a huge component. For some students, this is the first time they have traveled so far away from home. While all clubs have chaperones, these chaperones aren't always in the same room as students. Students have to step up to the plate. While at convention every year, the districts are presented with upcoming projects for the following year (major emphasis). A major emphasis project is a district wide activity, of sorts, all clubs can participate in. Last year, the 2016-2017 year, the major emphasis project was "Eliminate," the goal, "eliminating" prenatal tetanus in families of third-world countries. This year, 2017-2018, our major emphasis project is "Thirst." Thirst is the backbone of all efforts across the world to bring clean, safe drinking water to the communities.

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