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A Poem


March 24, 2017

He was shrunken from the bile

of unbidden memories

lived in shadow of defiled

overdose of history

For all his pain of feeling

from his lips came not a cry

for him there seemed no healing

but he knew he had to try

Leaving all of his possessions

to the desert he did go

fought the battle of perception

could not understand his foe

From the Canyon to the Bastion

and all along the rim

lay the remnants of destruction

from the war he'd had within

But the veteran rose triumphant

and the Veteran rose alone

heard the taps out in the distance

walked his anguished body home

And he swore upon his Mother

and he swore upon his life

that he'd never go another

with the stakes so dad-blamed high


And just the other evening

when you asked if I'd known pain,

my answer was misleading,

but I thought of him again

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