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Students learn the art of Printmaking


March 17, 2017

Debbie Israel

Ms. Uebel started the class by instructing all the students on the printmaking process

Ms. Tracey Taylor, the art teacher at Park Avenue Elementary, sees every student at Park just once every three days. Right now her classes are enjoying a student teacher, Chelsea Uebel, who is teaching them about printmaking. "Printmaking is an old type of art that can take on many forms," Ms. Uebel said.

Debbie Israel

Selena Terrazas worked at completing her first print

This week, the students from Mrs. MacDonald's class were the lucky ones who got to work with the plexiglass matrix and paints, to make their own monoprints, similar to the ones made by Jasper Johns, a famous printmaker born in 1930. Ms. Uebel made sure the class understood that the paint used for the printmaking was permanent, that it would wash off of their hands, but not out of their clothes. She showed the class how to use the paints, rollers, matrix and a wooden stick, to make their own print. She also told them any letters or numbers that they wanted to include in their print would have to be put on the matrix using a mirror image. And then all the young artists were turned loose to use their tools and imaginations.

The next time this class comes to art, they will be learning about and using a different printmaking method, which involves small foam squares.


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