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By Camron Martinez


Aztec vs. Gallup, Aztec vs. Miyamura


February 24, 2017

Camron Martinez

Aztecs #14 Kensai Lewis directs his teammates to make a play


Camron Martinez

Aztecs #23 Chase Morrison sets up for a free throw

The Aztec Tigers played an exciting game against Gallup February 16, 2017. The Tigers were ahead the first 3 periods, at one point being 13 points ahead. Towards the end of the third period Gallup began to pick things up, bringing the score about 6 points away. Throughout the fourth period Aztec and Gallup both were gaining points fast- still staying about five to six points apart With three minutes on the clock, Gallup caught up. Gallup saw the opportunity in the last minute and made three points as they ran the clock down. There were only seconds left on the clock as they recovered the points they needed and took the win home, leaving the score 75-77.


Aztec played Miyamura on Saturday February 18, that last game of the regular season. The Tigers played a good first half against the Patriots. During the third period the Patriots picked it up and put the score fifteen points ahead. During the fourth period both teams scrambled for points as the ball went back and forth between the teams. In the end, the patriots took the win with a final score of 49-70.


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