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By Debbie Israel


City Manager says project is on schedule


February 17, 2017

Aztec sewer outfall line is shown in yellow

In Aztec, one of the major projects right now is the sewer outfall line. This will replace the aging main sewer line from the wastewater plant at the south end of Oliver Dr. to the intersection of W. Aztec Boulevard and Chaco. The project began in August of 2016, with the city negotiating easements with all the property owners along the route, and obtaining permanent easements for the entire project.

"This sewer line is a very important project for our city and something that has been needed for a very long time," Aztec City Manager Josh Ray said. He added "We hired a contractor, a surveyor and a project manager to ensure the overall success and efficiency of this project. The City is dedicated to working within the acquired easements to complete this project."

According to Ray the project is progressing on schedule with no major issues. City Public Works Director/City Engineer, Bill Watson meets with the contractors to solve any issues that may arise before they become serious problems. The contractor for the project, SMITHCO, has now completed work behind the Aztec School administration building and bus barn, which will allow the school buses to get back to their regular departures through Lightplant Road.

The school transportation department made changes to the buses entrance and exit to and from the bus barn while the construction was on their property. Some of the school buses were staged at different areas in order to ease congestion on Aztec Blvd. during heavy traffic times.

There are three more properties to cross before the project is completed. "There isn't anything that will slow us up," Ray said referring to a concern from a property owner about an easement. "We will simply work from a different side of the construction zone to keep the project moving." Ray said it would be very expensive for the city if the project was delayed for any reason, costing Aztec between $15,000 and $22,000 per day, so he is working diligently to make sure that doesn't happen.

Ray said that he has only talked with one other property owner along the way, and she spoke very positively about the construction project. "I spoke to Ms. Charlotte Paul. She asked me questions about the easement, the construction across one of her properties, and then stated that the construction crew did a good job building the sewer line and cleaning up after they were finished," he said. Ms. Paul owns two lots that were impacted by the project.

If anyone has questions or concerns, Mr. Ray said he would welcome your call. He can be reached by phone at 505-334-7606, or by email at [email protected]


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