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By Thomas Hinds


Faith Chavers


February 17, 2017

Thomas Hinds

A young Faith Chavers who is a Valentine's baby

In a time when so many people are trying to figure out what they are meant to do and be, there are a few that have had the vision since they were young. One case in point is Faith Chavers, her and her father John Chavers, comprise the members of Two For Tea. A local acoustic duo who have their own fresh sound to songs we know and love and solid originals penned by Faith.

Singing for Faith, is something she has been doing since she was little, with her father playing guitar and assisting with vocals, she developed her own sense of style and phrasing. In a sea of uniformity, her sound is smooth and angelic, and at only 17 there is no limit to what she can do and where she can go. With a loving and caring father by her side who understands the pitfalls in the music field, the two of them can reach for the stars.

Last Saturday the 11th of February, the duo played to a full crowd at Clancy's Irish Cantina, with another local artist Eric Campbell opening up for them and playing in between their sets. Eric is a major influence in trying to get the local music scene moving in the right direction. There is a lot of great local talent, musically, that doesn't get the chance to be heard, for the mere fact there aren't a lot of venues available on a consistent basis.

Thomas Hinds

Two For Tea, John and Faith Chavers playing at Clancy's

During the warmer months Two for Tea can be found playing outside under the fruit trees at Infinity BBQ, on Sullivan Ave. Be sure and keep your eyes and ears open for this great twosome in the tri-city area. It is always a great relaxing atmosphere wherever they play, plus when you support local artists, it helps the establishment see that there is a need for more live local music, and will ensure future opportunities at even more venues. We as a community have the chance to create a beautifully diverse music scene, if we all work together and realize how music and art are a vital role in the health of our area both creatively and economically. So, the next time you are at a restaurant or bar and grill, be sure and let the owners, or managers know that you appreciate that they are supporting local artists, it will go a long way in the longevity of building our future.

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