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By Rashel Korte

Rumble in the Jungle Trap Shooters

Shooters compete


February 10, 2017

Rashel Korte

Teammates Garit Graham, Devin Glascock and Zack Perkins Hold Up Top Female SHooter Mackenzie Perkins

The Aztec High School Shotgun Team hosted their inaugural shoot Saturday, February 4th. Five teams from around New Mexico were represented at the Aztec High Schools Rumble in the Jungle Trap Shoot, ages ranged from 12- 18 years old and teams from Melrose, Rio Rancho, Cleveland and Los Alamos came to compete.

Aztec High School has only had its shotgun team for two years. The program was started by the Eavenson family, avid shooters themselves, to give other children the opportunity to learn to shoot and also to give back the knowledge they had of shotgun shooting. A shooting program would also open up new athletic opportunities to those that could be otherwise excluded, shooting is a sport that anyone can do- athletic or not. Those that may have issues that would prevent them from participating in traditional sports like football or soccer can participate in shooting. The shooters have slightly different reasons for why they shoot, one of the male shooters for Aztec High School's Team, Garrett Dickens had this to say about why he participates in shotgun; "Because I'm a guy, and I like guns! But really because my Dad took me out shooting when I was 11 and I've been hooked ever since." One of the youngest shooters, Brayden Munkres age 12, says he shoots because "It's fun and it gives me something to do." Parents enjoy having their kids on the shotgun team as it teaches them more than just shooting, it teaches them respect and safety.

Rashel Korte

Aztec High School Trap Team

The match was opened by Trap Club President Jim Kennedy and Coach Rory Eavenson posting the colors followed by the Aztec JROTC Cadet Private Gabby Miller, Cadet First Lieutenant Nova Farber, Cadet First Sergeant Austin Williams and Cadet Sergeant Jeremy Davis presenting the colors. Alto Elliot from Aztec choir sang the National Anthem. After Coach Rory Eavenson gave his shooters a prematch talk the competition began. As with many athletes, shooters have different things that they do before a match that they believe helps them shoot better. For one shooter its using essential oils to calm and relax the mind, for another it's a pair of boots his grandpa gave him.

After shooting 50 rounds of singles and 50 rounds of handicap the top shooters for the match were Camron Martinez from the Aztec team as the top male shooter, Mackenzie Perkins from the 4-P team as the top female shooter and Robbie McCartney from the Aztec team as top junior high shooter. The top team was 4-P trap team from Melrose. Overall there were 34 shooters representing 5 teams.


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