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Aztec Police Report -January 2017


February 10, 2017

January 2017 Aztec Police Department crimes

During January, 2017, the Aztec Police Department had a total of 702 calls and 388 traffic stops, according to the city's website. The largest number of crimes in Aztec were assault/battery, of which there were 17. Twelve of those cases have been solved. "Other offenses" also totaled 17, with 14 solved. Other offenses included suicides, info reports, agency assists, misc. or missing persons.

The report also shows that there were 13 cases of larceny, with 2 solved; and thirteen drug offenses, all solved. The lower numbers included one sex offense, not solved; four burglaries, not solved; four run-aways, three solved; and two white-collar crimes (embezzlement, fraud, forgery), one of which was solved.

There were 22 traffic collisions in Aztec during January, 262 citations issued, three juveniles were arrested, and 36 adults were arrested.

The full report is available to view by going to the City of Aztec's website, aztecnm.gov, choosing city services, public safety Police Department, monthly crime report.


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