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Minimum Wage Passes First Hurdle In House

Rep. Miguel Garcia’s House Bill 67 Aims to Give Hardworking New Mexicans An Opportunity to Succeed


February 3, 2017

The House Democrats passed House Bill 67 through the House Labor and Economic Development Committee on a 6-5 vote. The bill sponsored by Representative Miguel Garcia (D-Albuquerque) would incrementally raise the state’s minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by the year 2020. Since 2009, wages have remained stagnant in New Mexico while the cost of necessities like electricity, milk, and rent have increased.

“The passage of this bill is a bright spot in our efforts to address the endemic poverty in our state,” said Rep Garcia. “This bill provides relief to minimum wage earners, 60% of whom are women, allowing them to take better care of their children. It will also drive economic development as more money will be spent right here in New Mexico.”

If passed and signed into law, HB 67 would be implemented in increments, rising to $8.40 an hour in 2018, to $9.20 in 2019, and $10.10 by 2020. HB 67 moves on to the House Business and Industry Committee. Both Colorado and Arizona have raised their minimum wage since January 2014.


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