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What's Old is New Again

Sunshine Spas


February 3, 2017

Gwen Adams

Today, Sunset has many new hot tubs to choose from onsite.

Turns out Andy had his own unique connection to the location. "When he was a kid his parents owned a sports store here. He would come here after school." In looking for a new business, Andy found himself back at a place filled with memories.

When you park and walk up to 712 E 20th Street in Farmington, the outside of the building is pretty non-descript. Once you walk inside, it's simple and refreshing with various hot tubs on display with the occasional decorative element.

Immediately to the left is the store office which means you will never have to walk around going "Hello? Hellooo?" In fact, that's one of the reasons store owner, Lynn Howell, encourages people to visit. "Lots of people prefer a smaller store." It doesn't matter how busy she gets, "I can always acknowledge someone when they come in."

They only sell from one trusted company to get their hot tubs, Artesian. They offer three different sizes to fit different needs, and one that can just plug into an outlet. "They are all made in Las Vegas, NV." The choice to sell Artesian wasn't just because the previous owners sold it; they were very impressed with the brand when they went to visit the factory. "When they moved, 80% of their employees moved with them to stay with the company. That tells me it's a good company." They walked around and watched the acrylic molds being poured and the structures being made. Each one tested for leaks before being sent out.

The decision was made spur of the moment. Lynn and Andy had previously gotten the chemicals for their own hot tub from Happy Times on several occasions, so when the business shut down they wanted to know why. Andy asked the previous owner if business was bad. They responded no, they were just building their retirement home. "He came home and asked me and Lexi if we wanted to do the business, and we said let's do it."

Some might confuse today's Sunset Spas with the previous business, Happy Times, which had operated in the same location. The building was actually empty for three months before Lynn, along with husband Andy and daughter Lexi decided to open the business. "The previous owners retired." Lynn explained. "We hope to pass the business to our children one day."


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