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Thinking about Buying a Home?


February 3, 2017

Wondering how the process has changed, or how to get started? Myself and my Real Estate Team will be hosting a Home Buying Seminar at the Farmington Civic Center this week and will continue to do so several times throughout the year. Some of the topics that will be discussed are:

Some of the questions you should answer for yourself when you are thinking about starting the buying process are:

Determine your motivation.

Why are you planning to move and how soon?

This can play a big part in where you move and how swiftly you do it.

Have you created a Make or Break list?

What are the things you could or could not live without in your new home or property?

Have you hired the right Realtor?

Per the New Mexico Real Estate Commission State Statute Realtors are licensed to protect the public. Finding a Realtor who is knowledgeable about the local market and works hard to protect you and your interests should play a big role in decided if they are the right Realtor for you.

How are you planning on financing your new home?

There are many different loan types and programs out there to make homeownership more possible than ever. Each one can have certain stipulations that will cause a home to not be eligible for that particular loan, your Lending Officer and Realtor will work together to help you find a property that will.

Do you need to sell your current home before you purchase a new one?

Have you set a budget on what you would prefer our monthly housing costs to be? The Lender you chose to work with can help you determine the target purchase price that will help you stay in your monthly comfort zone.

Have you chosen or spoken with a Lender?

Why use a Realtor? What services should your Realtor provide?

Throughout the transaction your Realtor will:

Communicate with inform, empower and educate you about the current local market and homes on the market.

Help you write and negotiate the terms of the purchase agreement.

Help you complete the terms and stay within the timeline of the purchase agreement.

Oversee ordering and completion of inspections, as well as help you request and negotiate repairs on the home.

Coordinate closing with the title company and lender of your choice to help you close on time.

Maintain constant communication with you The Buyer throughout the transaction process.

Assist you with utility change overs.

Set up and accompany you through the Final Walk Through before we close on your new home.

Email me for details and a special invitation to an upcoming Buyer Seminar, you won’t want to miss it.


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