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Broncos Trample Tigers in District Match

District play will continue


January 27, 2017

This was the first district game of the season for the Tigers. They played the Kirtland Broncos. Unfortunately the Broncos won this game, 68-74, Aztec traveled to the home of the Broncos to play this game. The game was not very fast and the players on both teams were not in a hurry to get to their basket. The Kirtland Broncos had a very organized team that communicated well, had well planned plays that executed precisely as they were planned, and maneuvered the court well. They impressively passed the ball with speed and accuracy. The Broncos power play, more so a strategy, to gaining points quickly was to have everyone at the side of the court where the ball was being thrown in and have a single player on the other side of the court near the net and launch the ball across the court to them, leaving only them with the ball to get an easy score.

The Tigers played a good game trying new strategies and techniques on the court. The Tigers have visibly improved their skill set on the court since the last game, especially in their free throws, landing almost every free throw shot they took. The Broncos players were very persistent at stealing the ball from the Tigers, allowing them to gain more points. Although this was not a fast paced team the Broncos managed to move the ball swiftly and with accuracy in for a shot. The game started to pick up in the third period when the Tigers realized they needed to gain points quickly and that lead the Broncos to step their game up. By the end of the third period the score was 40-66, in the first half of the fourth period the Tigers impressively recovered some points but time was not on their side.

The last half of the fourth period the Tigers were very hectic and scattered just trying to gain points. The ball was exchanged between the two teams many times throughout the period. The Tigers overall played a good game against the Broncos, and they will continue to practice hard and prepare for the games to come.


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