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By Debbie Israel

Aztec looks at curbside recycling

January 24 city workshop


January 27, 2017

Nine years ago, the Aztec City Commissioners made the decision to not include curb-side recycling with city utilities because the cost was prohibitive.

On Jan. 24, the current City Commissioners held a workshop to discuss recycling again. The city is currently working on a new contract for solid waste disposal, and single-stream curb-side recycling could be included in that new contract.

The city published a request for proposals and received two replies, one from Transit Waste/WCA and the other from Waste Management. The city chose to renew the contract with Transit Waste for the solid waste collection, and are again looking into the possibility of offering recycling services to city residents.

During the workshop, several options were discussed for the curb side recycling services, including making it a mandatory charge for everyone who receives a utility bill from the City of Aztec. If that option was chosen, a new charge of $3.69 would appear on everyone’s city utility bill. Commissioner Katee McClure questioned the cost to people on fixed incomes, and suggested maybe the city could offer a senior citizen discount.

The cost of the recycling goes up if everyone doesn’t participate: $4.50 per month if only 50% of customers chose to participate, or $5.50 with 30% participation.

Stephn McCaffrey, a representative from Transit Waste, was present at the meeting to answer questions. He said on any given pickup day, only about 50% of customers will place their bin at the curb for pickup. When asked if the costs would go down if they offered pickup every other week, he said the cost would be about the same.

It was also noted during the workshop that the $3.69 (or more) is only one protion of the city utility bill. The city is currently in the process of completing a utility rate study and the current services of water, sewer and electricity may also have rates to go up. According to the staff summary prepared for the meeting, the city is expecting waste water billing to increase by up to $9 per month per customer due to the sewer outfall line. The summary also states that “the city will need to add a fee to our monthly solid waste collection bill so that we can ensure that the fund is healthy. That fee could be up to $3 per month per customer.”

The recycling option and new rates will be discussed further at the next scheduled City Commission meeting on April 3. Citizens are encouraged to contact your city leadership and let them know how you feel about the issue. You can mail correspondence for city commissioners to the City of Aztec- attn: commissioners name; or contact them directly:

Mayor Sally Burbridge

[email protected]


Commissioner Austin Randall

[email protected]


Mayor Pro-Tem Sherri Sipe

[email protected]


Commissioner Katee McClure

[email protected]


Commissioner Sheri Rogers

[email protected]


City Manager Josh Ray

[email protected]



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