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By Camron Martinez

Tigers head in to District Games

Final non-district games held


January 20, 2017

Camron Martinez

Cody Smith shoots a free throw

The Tigers played their last non-district games on Jan. 13 and 14. They have ten games left this season, all district, which means they will be playing the teams from our local school districts. Their goals for this weekend's games were to keep improving their defense and offense. They have been testing new plays and they plan to have a complete play book by district tournament.

Tigers vs. Spartans The Tigers first game of the weekend was against the Bernalillo Spartans. Unfortunately the Tigers lost this battle 63-74. They played a very close game, and the ball was juggled between the teams many times. The Spartan's playing technique was very personal, they liked to be close to the man they were guarding. They had a very vocal coach: Coach Terry Darnell, aggressively directed his kids on the court, actively telling them what they needed to do; what plays to run, what needed to happen to get to the basket for a score. The Tigers communication on the court was excellent, they are showing great improvement since the last game.

The game was steady through the first two periods, both teams head-to-head with the scores very close. The ball was back and forth between the teams constantly. At the end of the third period, the Spartans started landing quite a few three pointers, putting them ahead. The Tigers continued to gain points little by little but not enough to put them ahead. During the last 5 minutes of the game the rivalry between the crowds started to show as they shouted and stomped in the bleachers. The Spartans played keep-away as much as possible, holding the scores where they were. By this time the Tigers had done everything they could to recover but time was not in their favor.

Tigers vs. Tigers

Camron Martinez

Kensai Lewis passes the ball

The second game was the Aztec Tigers playing the Los Lunas Tigers in a challenging game. Los Lunas took the win 42-61. Aztec played a good game, but Los Lunas was a very quick and mobile team. The first two periods of the ball game the scores were close. During the third period, the players were all rushing their plays. The teams were so tightly packed together they could barley move the ball. Los Lunas was an aggressive team, running hard plays, pushing players out of their way, doing what ever they could to get an extra shot.

When the fourth period rolled around Aztec just had fun on the court as Los Lunas rushed to get more points. The crowds were roaring as the players scrambled the court.

Aztec played good games this weekend which allowed them to grow on the court and enhance their skills. They learned a lot from these games. These two games were the last of the non-district games, we hope they will do better and be prepared for the district games to come.


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