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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Guest OP-Ed


January 20, 2017

If actions speak louder than words, then Gov. Martinez has been shouting her priorities at us since entering the governor’s mansion. Her loyalties lie with her corporate campaign donors, not New Mexican workers and their families.

For example, did you know that the Martinez administration created a fictitious oil and gas safety inspector, allowing almost 500 new oil and gas wells to skip inspections? These sites were allowed to receive electricity without the legally required inspection, putting workers, the surrounding environment and communities in grave danger. When the Albuquerque Journal uncovered it and forced the state to do real inspections, 85% of these sites failed inspection.

That’s the story being shared in an ad campaign called Put New Mexico First. The campaign, by Conservation Voters New Mexico Education Fund and ProgressNow NM Education Fund, focuses on these egregious lapses under the Martinez Administration.

Gov. Martinez has demonstrated that she is willing to apply pressure on decision-makers across the board to get her donors whatever they want – be it a lax copper mine water rule, preventing New Mexicans from pursuing environmental enforcement when the state fails to do its job, ignoring safety inspections in order to fast-track oil and gas drilling or putting out-of-state profits over workers. New Mexico deserves better.

When we elect public officials, we trust them to make sure our public resources work for us by protecting our interests now and for our future.

New Mexicans had high hopes for Susana Martinez, but she continues to let the public down. I know that the oil and gas industry provides much needed jobs to many communities likes ours that have few other choices. It does not, however, operate in a vacuum. It has negative impacts to the safety of workers, our air, our water and even our economy. Neither does its impact on our budget or economy warrant special treatment to the point of breaking the law.

New Mexico deserves better. Learn more by visiting http://www.putnewmexicofirst.org.


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