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Rumble in the Jungle

AHS Basketball Tournament


January 13, 2017

Rashel Korte

Tigers Chase Morris #23 in white, and Indians Kyle Stevenson #44 jump for the ball starting the game.

All though the Tigers last few years haven't been the best, they hope to bring it home this year with a new coach. Coach Matthew Steinfeldt plans on coaching the boys to victory this year in many different ways. One of his goals for this season is helping his players to become better men off the court so that they can be better athletes on the court when game day comes around. He plans on preparing them for the upcoming games by placing them in the situations before they actually happen. Practice will be a key part of the season.

Aztec High School is where the tournaments were held over a three day period, Jan. 5th, 6th, and 7th. The first game of the three day tournament was a success and the Tigers dominated the court with a win of 77-29 against the Crown Point Eagles. Coach Steinfeldt's strategy of communication showed throughout the court on the first game. Crown Point was a competitive team, the ball was exchanged between the two teams many times throughout the game. Coach Steinfeldt was happy with the way the Tigers played and hopes that they will continue to stay on top of their game.

Unfortunately game two of the three-day tournament didn't go as planned. The Aztec Tigers played a close head-to-head game against the Montrose Indians Friday night, Jan 6th. The Indians took it back to Montrose leaving the score boards 61-51. Montrose turned out to be a very competitive team. The Indians seemed to communicate well with each other which moved the ball quickly down the court for the score.

The power play for the night seemed to be the dominating three pointer, Montrose sinking almost all of their three point shots, putting them ahead in the first period of the game. The scores increased little by little throughout the second period but the Indians held the lead. By the 3rd period the score was 43-34 Montrose still holding the lead. The Tigers defense started to pick up, decreasing the Indians chances of scoring. During the last five minutes of the game the players scrambled to get points as the crowd roared. However the Indians fought back holding their end and pushing the scores back to a ten point lead. The Tigers played an intense game against a challenging opponent.

Saturday night the Tigers played a very close game against Navajo Prep Eagles, the final game of the three day tournament. The score was 53-48 with the Eagles taking the win. Eagles coach, Rick Hoerner, was very vocal while his boy were playing, giving them commands, plays, and warning them of things they might not see. This proved a good strategy in helping the team maneuver the court comfortably.

Rashel Korte

Coach Steinfeldt standing while coaching the Tigers, assistant coach Brett Hellewell sitting

The Eagles playing technique on the court really showed, they are up close and personal players always on top of the man they are guarding. They also read the ball well, allowing them to steal it from their opponents as they pass to one another. The Tigers played a strong defense on the court but the Eagles seemed to move the ball down the court quickly and with precision, allowing them to score more points. During the 4th period of the game both teams intensified on everything they did just trying to gain points. With only four minutes on the clock the Tigers tied it up 41- 41. There was the sound of thunder coming from the bleachers as the crowd roared, both teams became frantic trying to score points and many times the players would lose grip off the ball, sending both teams into a scramble to get the ball. The Tigers tried to hold the scores tied, but the Eagles managed to steal points for the win.

Overall the Tigers played a good tournament, learning from mistakes and adapting through the weekend. Practice will be a key part in preparing for the upcoming games. The Tigers are still adjusting to having a new coach but they are on the right track as he coaches them in new ways and helps them become more comfortable on the court. They are a champion team in the making, we hope to see them score high in the future.


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