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By Debbie Israel

City Commission

January 10, 2017


January 13, 2017

Aztec City Manager Josh Ray told commissioners at their regular meeting on Jan. 10, that the city's contract for solid waste is up and staff is looking at options before going into a new contract. One big change will be the ability for curb-side single-stream recycling. He said the city looked into curb side recycling several years ago, before signing the current agreement, but the cost of participating was higher than the cost of solid waste pickup, which made it not affordable. Now, the cost of recycling has come down considerably. The city operates a recycling center now, which is located on Ash Street near the Boys & Girls Club. If the curb-side option is approved, that facility would close because there would be no need for it.

"Single-stream recycling" refers to a system in which all clean recycleable materials are placed in one container by the consumer, and items are sorted at the materials recovery facility after being picked up by a collection truck. Ray said items that can be added to the recycle bin are listed on the lid, reducing confusion about what is recyclable and what is trash.

The city has planned a workshop for discussion before the next commission meeting. The public is invited to the workshop, and everyone who receives a utility bill in Aztec should become informed, because it may affect you if approved.

The only item on the agenda of the meeting was an update to the city's safety policies, which was approved with a 5-0 vote.

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 24 at 6 pm. Workshops are scheduled before the regular meeting and normally begin at 5:15.


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