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Lean and Hungry Years

Does Aztec need a golf course?


January 6, 2017

Lean and hungry years have enveloped this area and yet the city commission (less one) and the city manager have seen fit to give us a Christmas/New Year’s gift by keeping us in the golf course business with some alterations. This gift, as you will see, is a costly one in, my opinion, but I will let you decide for yourself.

A new agreement with the owners of the Aztec Municipal Golf Course and the payments to Yamaha for 40 golf carts has left the city with the following payments: year one would be $34,000, year two would be $39,000 and year three would be $44,000. That’s another $117,000 on top of what we have already lost. There is some question as to whether or not there are balloon payments at the end of the sale purchase agreements with Yamaha. It would be advantageous to the public if the city would post them to their web site for the public to read.

In the new agreement with Mr. Randy Hodge, Mr. Hodge will be managing the course and assume all the expenses involved with the course except for the course lease payments and the cart payments to Yamaha. Mr. Hodge will use the city’s liquor license but will stop paying the city 30% of all liquor sales come January 1, 2017. No percentage of the sales will be paid to the city at all. And instead of the city receiving 25% of the golf cart fees, we now will receive 20%. At this point I am reminded of a line from Midsummer Night’s Dream uttered by Puck, “Lord, what fools these mortals be.” I reference the city, not Mr. Hodge.

There are some questions that should be answered for the people’s sake I think. The first is why 40 golf carts on this course? Those of us who know the course feel that this is excessive for such a small course. The second question refers to the new contract between the city and Mr. Hodge and references page 5, Item 12 Terms and Conditions, “a)------the contractor shall be entitled to receive just and equitable compensation for any work satisfactorily completed here under.” It seems to me that this is rather vague as it does not spell out what work nor for what period of time. The city could be paying a very large sum for a long time under this phrase. There are others, but I will leave you to digest these.

Two more things: commissioners are elected by the people and the people have every right to question each and every commissioner, mayor or not, as they see fit, when they see fit. Please also have your phone #’s listed as Commissioner McClure has hers, then you just might receive those phone calls you didn’t get referring to the golf course.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Aztec.


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