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The Principal of Choice Part 1


January 6, 2017

When you are attuned to your Higher Self, your choices, actions and results will reflect the Splendor of your Higher Self.

What does this mean?

1st - Your choices reflect what you really believe. We make choices all the time, some conscious and a lot unconscious, but they all reflect what we believe and are based on all of our life experiences.

2nd - Ultimately and eventually, the results you experience in your life will be consistent with your choices. The process is we think, we speak and we act. They follow in order. You cannot have a negative thought, negative words and a positive outcome.

3rd - Your actions reinforce the beliefs that inspire them. Again, our actions come from the beliefs, or in other words, the outer experiences of life is a reflection of the inner beliefs within us.

4th - To live from the point of view that you have a higher self creates a transcendent reality. The higher or more positive loving thoughts we have from our higher self, the better our life experiences and relationships will be.

All principles lead to tendency's within us. SO the principle of choice leads into the tendency of decision. What decisions do we make from our possibility of choice? To answer that, let's look at decisions of the Higher Self (LOVE) compared to decisions of the altered ego. (FEAR)

Higher Self Altered Ego

Evolving contracting

Loving fearful

One/Unified separate/isolated

Joyful angry/resentful/sad

Peaceful suppressed

Clear/Focused confused

Generous sacrifices

Abundant lack/loss

Innocent guilty

Timeless bored

Harmonious chaotic/negative

Pleasurable painful/suffering

Confident uncertain

Unlimited limited

Real illusory

If you find yourself living in the altered ego or fear aspects of life, contact me for work to help you change your limited thoughts and release old emotions to LOVE in all aspects.

Practice these tips or ideas in your relationships and we will continue in two weeks.


Rev George

Rev George is the Minister of Fellowship of Spirit in Farmington. He is also the creator and facilitator of The Family Living System, a system of proven, effective tools and techniques that help participants learn to BE whom they need to BE to have the relationships they desire and deserve to have in their lives.

Ask the Rev, - Send your relationship concerns and questions to Reverend George at [email protected] and you may be selected for a feature in the Relationship Matters column. Or I will reply to you via mail.


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