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By Jacque Ritchie



January 5, 2018

Marquez Aragon, Photo courtesy of San Juan County Sheriff's Dept.

On December 30, 2017 Marquez Aragon, 19, of Aztec, was booked into the San Juan County Detention Center on a laundry list of charges including; Unlawful carrying of a deadly weapon on school premises, a 4th degree felony and; Negligent use of a deadly weapon (discharge)-Petty.

The incident began on November 27 at approximately 1:19 a.m. as Aztec PD Corporal Joshua Simpson was finishing up with an unrelated call. According to the police report, Simpson, "observed a male standing on the sidewalk near the entrance to Park Avenue Elementary." The report goes on to describe that due to the late hour of the night and the fact that there had been recent vehicle burglaries and vandalism in the neighborhood, Simpson decided to make contact with the subject.

After a brief pursuit in which the subject allegedly attempted to evade Simpson, the officer contacted Aragon and recognized him from "previous incidents."

When asked why Aragon was trying to avoid contact, Aragon reportedly explained that he had been chased earlier in the evening by a man he identified as "Angel" and mistakenly thought Simpson was that person. "He advised that his girlfriend was upset with him ... and he wanted me to arrest him and get him a place to stay" the report states. During the encounter, Aragon allegedly provided Simpson with inaccurate birth-dates and social security numbers. While Simpson was running Aragon's information through dispatch, Aragon "took off running" heading in between the school's buildings. Simpson gave chase into the darkness. Reportedly, Simpson then heard a gunshot in the direction of where Aragon had disappeared. "As I came along the side of the building, I observed a black in color handgun laying on the ground," Simpson reports. Simpson called for back-up and secured the firearm. A K9 unit from Bloomfield arrived on the scene and a perimeter was set up around the area. A subsequent search for the suspect was unsuccessful.

Authorities requested and viewed video from the school surveillance cameras that reportedly showed the suspect running from the area and allegedly throwing the weapon which apparently discharged when it landed. A warrant was issued on 11/28/17 in reference to this case.

An empty 45 caliber shell casing, a loaded 45 caliber magazine and a Haskell US 45 caliber hand gun was taken into evidence by APD. The serial number of the firearm was run through the NCIC and came back with no record found.

Aragon is currently being held on charges of: unlawfully carrying of a deadly weapon on school premises, a 4th Degree Felony; negligent use of a deadly weapon (discharge)-Petty; tampering with evidence (highest crime a 3rd or 4th degree or indeterminate degree felony); resisting, evading or obstructing an officer; concealing identity- Petty; failure to appear (traffic citation)-Misd.

An unrelated warrant for Aragon's arrest was issued on December 21, 2017. The charges include unlawful withdrawal from a financial institution (7 counts), theft of identity and fraud. These charges stem from Aragon allegedly using a debit card without the knowledge or permission of the legal owner. Aragon is currently being held without bond in the SJC Detention Center.


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