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July 1-15, 2014

New program for grave care at Aztec Cemetery

You only have to visit the Aztec Cemetery to discover several graves which need some tender loving care (TLC). After Memorial Day it was apparent that some graves in the Aztec Cemetery had no one to care for them.
An ad hoc committee was formed in conjunction with the Aztec Cemetery Association for a new program which will give loving care to uncared-for graves and equal love and satisfaction to volunteers. Here's the way it will work:
1. A volunteer will go to the Aztec Cemetery and select a grave that needs some tender loving care (TLC). You will find many graves from which to choose. If you cannot read the marker, there is a listing of all graves and names in the little metal house at the entrance to the Cemetery. The Aztec Cemetery also has a wonderful website: which is very informative.
2. The volunteer (one person, a family, school class, or a group of friends) will call either Lynette Justice or Katee McClure at the numbers listed below and give the name of the person or persons whose grave they wish to “adopt” and the approximate location of the grave.
3. The responsibility for the grave chosen will be assigned to the volunteer for a period of two (2) years.
4. All that is required is that the chosen grave or graves be cleaned, possibly surrounded by rocks, (river rocks are really nice) and the marker for the grave either cleaned or another marker in good taste added to the grave. A before and after photo will be taken for a book to be compiled. Upon completion of the initial “adopted” grave cleanup and when the grave meets the satisfaction of the volunteer(s) they need only to clean and care for the grave a minimum of three (3) times a year. After the two-year period is ended, the volunteer can either retire as volunteer, “re-up” or talk someone else into taking over the maintenance.
5. Volunteers can choose to make the grave as tasteful and beautiful to the eye as they see fit. Some will be very simple, with weeds pulled and the dirt raked; others can be spruced up with perennial plants and/or a tree and various boundary markings. Whatever honor you decide to give to the person buried in the grave you “adopt” will be wonderful.
6. We already have eight (8) graves “adopted” before the printing of this article. One grave is of a baby who only lived thirteen (13) months and will be honored by a nine year-old young lady who “adopted” this grave and is extremely excited to begin this endeavor. Another, by a teenager who saw two graves that had stones where the names were barely legible and no care had been given in a very long time.
7. As time progresses and graves are chosen to be honored by volunteers, we will keep you posted as to the success of this new program, which is sure to bring happiness and fulfillment to those who choose to become involved.
Imagine how interesting it would be for the volunteers (only if they desire) to find out the history of the person buried in the “adopted” grave and write the information to also be placed in the book with the before and after photographs. It would make a very interesting and rewarding project for a school class, a church group, boy or girl scout troop, other organization, or even a small group of friends. The possibilities are endless as to the love and honor we can show those who have gone before us.
Members of the ad hoc committee serving the Aztec Cemetery Association are Katee McClure, Ron Holloway and Lynette Justice, all Aztec residents. They also have plans for a general community clean-up of the Aztec Cemetery in the near future. We will let you know when. (There are rumors of a barbeque afterward).
Call to “adopt” and honor a grave at the Aztec Cemetery:
Lynette Justice, 505-419-6160
Katee McClure, 505-330-4616




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