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October 15-31, 2014

Bear or mountain lion in area
By Cedar Hill Resident

A supervisor with Game and Fish yesterday who said they had reports last week of a bear around Cedar Hill. He said our area is a known bear habitat and right now the bear is simply trying to gain weight before going into hibernation north of here. And from all indications it is not a nuisance bear…just a normal bear temporarily in our area.
He said since there are "ample food sources from human habitation," the bear has no reason to wander off to look elsewhere to eat. To get the bear to leave, he says we need to do the following:
Feed animals/pets before dark, and do NOT leave extra food outside for the pet.
Do NOT feed the bears, or leave food for it to find.
Don’t leave your trash outside where the bear can get into it. He said the bear’s natural behavior is to lift logs to look for food underneath, so lifting a trash can lid is no big deal….ditto getting into an unlocked freezer.
Put trash cans inside, behind doors because he said bears typically don’t open or break down doors
IF the bear becomes a true nuisance, with frequent sightings, even in daylight (not normal), or aggressive (also not normal or likely) then we should let them know. He wasn’t dismissive, just factual in that the bear is doing what bears do, and we should simply be aware there’s one in the neighborhood but it will probably not linger long.  And just to know, he said it’s highly unlikely the bear will go after pets (or small kids).
  The phone number is 947-9801 to reach the local Game and Fish supervisors.


Behind the Scenes at TALON - # 2 –
Annette Tidwell-Abend
By Katee McClure

Aztec is home to many colorful & creative “transplants” and Annette Tidwell-Abend is certainly at the top of that list. For the past few years, Annette has helped TALON by proof-reading issues before they go to print. She is certainly overqualified for that particular task but she loves TALON and plans on continuing her roll in keeping the paper going.
Annette moved to Aztec in 2000 after visiting her brother who had recently been transferred to the area. She instantly fell in love with this part of the Southwest and decided to make it her home. At the time, she had a thriving gift shop business in Florida but that was no deterrent to her determination to relocate here. She sold her business and hit the road.
Once in Aztec, she opened a small business on Main Ave. called ‘At Native Art’. She offered an eclectic array of art and other gift items at her shop and very quickly made new friends and became active in the community. When she was approached by the Aztec Chamber Board Director, Bob Ramsey, to become Executive Director of the Chamber, she jumped at the chance. After being in that position for a couple of years, Annette yearned to further her education and finish her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a major in marketing.
Unfortunately, her schooling took her away from the area and her newfound friends to Baltimore, Maryland. While in Maryland, Annette reconnected with her ex-husband Abey Abend. Annette and Abey had been married for five years and divorced for sixteen years when they began seeing each other again. Abey was a plumbing contractor who was open to a change of scenery so to speak. Before too long, both Abey and Annette moved back to Aztec. Abey started a business here called ‘Rising Sun Plumbing’ and Annette worked along with him managing the business end of Rising Sun. After seven years of “dating” the couple decided to re-marry in 2009.
When they moved back to Aztec in 2004, Annette was once again asked to run the Chamber of Commerce. She did so, on an interim basis for one more year and then worked full time for Rising Sun Plumbing as the business was growing very quickly and needed all of her attention.
Annette’s dream, however, was to become a teacher at the college level. There is nothing that this woman puts her mind to that she can’t do. Annette is now a full time teacher at San Juan College. She continued her education and got her Master’s degree and is now thinking about pursuing a PhD. She loves the entire process of learning and is excited that many people now have the opportunity to further their education via online courses, (half of the classes Annette teaches are online.)
When Annette had a store in Aztec and when she was Chamber Director is when she became involved with TALON. She collaborated quite a bit with Candy Frizzell (who ran TALON then) and of course said “yes” to Candy when she was short a proof-reader about 3 years ago. It was supposed to be a temporary job but you know how those things go. Annette likes being part of a community newspaper and a big plus for her is that she gets to read the paper before anyone else! KM

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