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Desert View Family Counseling is
expanding and returning to Aztec!

Desert View Family Counseling is excited to announce they will be opening up a satellite office back at their original location of 220 E. Chuska and will be offering the community a variety of services to include mental health counseling, individual and family counseling and group services.905 W. Apache FarmingtonDesert View Family Counseling originally opened its door in Aztec New Mexico in the summer of 1995 .Child haven was already providing services for children who had been physically or sexually abused and at that time, there were not many adult services- specific to trauma. Desert View initially received funding from theDepartment of Health to provide trauma services to both the client and their family members affected by trauma.This unique funding would cover all fees for services so there would be no charge to the client; nor would any of the client’s personal information be used for billing purposes, keeping the clients information out of any claims or insurance system. “Nineteen years later, Desert View (proudly) still has these funds and we continue to advocate for our clients privacy”, said CEO Rick Quevedo. “We have battled this for years with the State and Medicaid to keep our trauma clients out of a billing system- sexual abuse or rape is a horrific crime…not to mention the privacy a client hopes for when going through something like this”After this initial funding it wasn’t long before DesertView began to expand its services, including adult domes-tic violence services to include co-occurring issues such as substance abuse. In 1998 Desert View became a SanJuan united Agency and began to provide adolescent services, including a specialized program working with sexually reactive youth. The same year they began providing case management services for all Desert View clients. In 2004 Desert View opened Sarah’s House a transitional living shelter in Aztec for women and children who have been in domestic violence situations, many of these families felt they were no longer safe in their own homes.In 2006, CEO Rick Quevedo felt it was time to expand services into the Farmington area to include the NavajoReservation. “This was such a tough decision to make,Aztec was our home and yet it felt like the right time to expand” said Quevedo. “I always felt if we had the opportunity to return to Aztec we certainly would- and alas, the opportunity is here.” Desert View’s office in Farmington, which is 905 W.Apache, currently offers crisis, prevention and recovery services; in addition they offer couples counseling, parenting classes, several adolescent groups and they coordinate the San Juan County Teen Court for first time offenders. “We’re busy (says Quevedo), and while trauma is still our main focus, I am glad that we are able to provide many different services to the community because each individual or family has their own set of unique circumstances.”Quevedo has a total of ten staff; five of those are therapists. “The majority of them have more than 10 years’ experience; they are always seeking out better ways to help our clients, including holistic approaches, EMDR(Eye Movement Desensitization andReprocessing) and aroma therapy using essential oils. Our mission is to improve the quality of an individual’s life or their well-being by focusing on their own natural strengths” saidQuevedo.“In addition to having grant funds for adult services, we also have similar funds for to help cover adolescent’s services if a family does not have Medicaid or insurance” Quevedo added“We work closely with the schools, churches,law enforcement, and other local providers to provide the best continuum of care for our clients”. Desert View takes Medicaid, most private insurance and a sliding fee scale based off of a family’s income. Please call 505-326-7878 and ask for Rick for more information. Aztec phone number and opening dates coming soon. For more information, visit or call 505-326-7878 or email ourCEO at rick@mydesertview.org220 E. Chuska, Aztec


Who’s Behind the Scenes at TALON
A Look at Debbie Israel

For 21 years now Debbie Israel has worked for TALON. It all started in1993 when she replied to an advertisement for help wanted at a newly initiated Aztec Local News newspaper.1993 was a tough year for Debbie when her husband, who worked in theoil fields, died waiting for a heart transplant which left her with their three children to raise completely on her own. At that time Debbie was working only part time.Debbie was no stranger to the newspaper business, she had worked as a part time office manager /secretary for the Aztec Independent Review which was owned at the time by the Farmington DailyTimes. The Review was run out of a very small office on Main Ave. in Aztec. When she left that job she took a part time position at the Aztec Chamber of Commerce - that’s where she briefly met Candy Frizzell (owner of TALON for the past 21 years). Candy came into the Chamber office and spoke withDebbie about Aztec. Debbie was so good at promoting the town that Candy and her family decided to move here that same year. When Debbie answered Candy’s ad later that year the two reconnected and the bond was complete. Candy immediately hired Debbie and the paper took off. In the morningsDebbie would arrive at Candy’s house and work on TALON and then later she would go to theChamber office and work there.In the beginning at TALON Debbie wrote stories, covered Commission meetings, got advertising and anything else that was needed. Eventually Debbie left the Chamber and worked at Sherri’s Studio in the mall part time.By the time 2002 rolled around Debbie decided she needed to get a “real job” that was full time and included medical benefits for her children. She got a job at Alltel which is now AT&T and she works there full time to this day.It was a tearful day indeed when she told Candy she had to leave TALON. Debbie cried for two weeks after giving Candy the news but then never really quit completely. Since 2002 she has contributed to TALON by setting up and maintaining the mailing list and proof reading every issue. Admittedly she’s not that crazy about the proof reading but continued doing it because of her close friendship with Candy. Debbie now spends about 8 hours a month to keep TALON going.Debbie loves a local newspaper that people contribute to “most towns don’t have that” , she says.The best experience of all though, in working for TALON for 21 years, is ending up with a very good friend....Candy.

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