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Aztec Museum to present
“Riders on the Orphan Train”
Aug. 9
Evening includes dinner catered by Sparerib BBQ.


The nationally acclaimed traveling event “Riders on the Orphan Train” returns to Aztec Museum in downtown Aztec on Saturday, August 9, beginning with dinner at 6 p.m. catered by Sparerib BBQ Co. on the museum grounds
The Orphan Train show travels throughout the United States, to recreate the lives of orphans from 1854 to 1929 from eastern U.S. cities, who under the Orphan Train Movement were sent out West and to other parts of the country to be placed with families to live and work.
The Aug. 9 museum event begins after dinner, at 7:30 p.m. and will include dramatic readings of orphan train stories, multi-media presentations, songs and presentations on the research done on orphan train history.
Some of the orphans stayed with families for a short time. Others stayed for years. The experience changed the children’s lives dramatically - mostly for the good, sometimes not.
“The orphan trains are a very interesting part of U.S. history and people of all ages who attend the August 9 show will really enjoy it,” said Jimmy Miller of the Aztec Museum Association Board of Directors.
“Riders of the Orphan Train came though Aztec two years ago and was one of the museum’s most popular events, so we’re bringing it back.”
The Orphan Train Movement placed 250,000 children with families.
The show will end about 8:30 p.m. Advance tickets are $20 per person. Tickets sold at the museum at 125 N. Main Ave. the evening of the event are $25. Proceeds will help pay for repairing Pioneer Village after last years flood.
For more information and tickets: or call Aztec Museum and Pioneer Village 505-334-9829


Filmmaker Hunt honored, received key to the city
by Debra Mayeux

Fresh off of wrapping filming of his first full-length narrative feature movie, Justin Hunt was recognized by his hometown of Bloomfield in a big way.
Hunt, 37, was honored on July 14 by the Bloomfield City Council, when Mayor Scott Eckstein proclaimed September 16 as Justin Hunt Day in Bloomfield, and then gave the 1994 graduate of Bloomfield High School the key to the city.
“I'm not going to lie, getting the 'Justin Hunt Day' proclamation was amazingly special, but getting the key to the city blew me away,” Hunt said. “What a special honor to be able to share it with such great friends and family just made it mean so much more.”
Hunt began a career in journalism at Bloomfield High School, where as a senior he was awarded the United States Journalism Association’s award for the best high school newspaper story in the nation. Also in high school he started interning at KOBF-TV in Farmington. He became a weekend anchor at age 18, and was named one of the youngest news anchors in NBC history.
He went to college at New Mexico State University and later returned to Farmington to work as a reporter and news anchor for KOB-TV. Hunt worked in both Farmington and Roswell. During his time at KOB, Hunt won more than 40 Associated Press and New Mexico Broadcaster’s Association Awards and was named News Reporter of the Year three times.
After leaving that job in 2004, Hunt started his film production company, Time and Tide Production. By 2007, he had made the world-renowned documentary American Meth, narrated by Val Kilmer. The film was recognized nationally and internationally with awards.
Hunt’s next project Absent looked at the lives of people who grew up without fathers. He was able to interview Metallica front man James Hetfield and boxer Johnny Tapia about their experiences. The film was an international success, and Hunt even published a book correlating with the film.
His third documentary, The Speed of Orange, chronicled the life of his father Glen Hunt, of Bloomfield. Hunt was a famous jockey who raised his family on the racing circuit.
Hunt has been working on his next documentary Dot XXX, which will look at the devastating effects the porn industry has had on marriages and families. He has been raising money to make the movie that will not show any provocative images throughout it.
Finally, Hunt spent the past month in San Juan County filming Far Too Far – his first feature narrative. It is a script Hunt worked on for nearly eight years and it shows the effects of methamphetamine abuse on people’s lives.
Mayor Scott Eckstein said he wanted to recognize Hunt’s accomplishments by proclaiming Justin Hunt Day, and he scheduled it for Sept. 16, Hunt’s birthday.
Hunt was honored by the recognition. “Thank you to everyone for their comments and their continued support through the years. Believe me, I know I couldn't have done any of these things without those of you in my life who have made an impact,” Hunt said. “The exciting thing is, we're just getting started.”

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